Growing Your Own Mini Vegetables without the Need for a Garden!

By Nick Jaggs

Through indoor micro farming one has unlimited access throughout the year to mini salads, micro greens and bean sprouts that are healthy and intensely flavoured. When plants are young they are also more nutritious and in some cases sprouted baby vegetables have considerably more nutritional value than you would get from more mature ones.

A large number of us know about the small stacking bean sprouters available and that you sit on a kitchen window sill. They do offer you a taste of the health benefits to be collected from seed and bean sprouts but will only do so on an irregular basis unless you set up several of these units. Often they only provide you with regular garnish sized portions. Also these systems do not have the capabilities for the use of soil need to sprout things like sunflower greens, pea shoots as well as wheatgrass which is become increasingly popular with being able to juice.

Hassle-Free Healthy Young Sprouts & Salads. If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of nutrients that you consume to improve your health taking care of these mini plantlets can prove a difficult task. With conventional sprouting jars and sprouters will require you to water and rinse them regularly. So if you wish to grow such plants but are out at work all day this can prove even more of a challenge.

So what should you do when space is limited and you don't have the time to grow your own healthy micro greens or sprouts and don't want to end up buying inferior ones from your local store?

There is a solution to this problem that will in turn provide you with the opportunity to successfully grown all year round your own organic sunflower greens, pea shoots, micro salads, beans and seed sprouts in plentiful supplies effortlessly. You don't even need to have a sophisticated, artificially lit; temperature controlled indoor growing room that uses hydroponics and fancy lighting. What is needed is a small amount of space, a small amount of electricity along with a water supply and some ambient lighting.

EasyGreen Makes it EasyGrown. The EasyGreen MikroFarm is a fully automated self contained miniature hydroponic system that is not only extremely effective but simple to use to produce in sufficient amount your favourite sprouts providing you with their health benefits. This is a one box solution to the problem of being able to produce a regular supply of mini vegetables grown at home plus much more. As a chef it allows you to grow good quality baby salads, micro greens and garnishes which can be used in a restaurant. What the EasyGreen system allows you to do is piggybank other units on top of each of so increasing their growing capacity.

It allows you to grow all types of bean and seed sprouts, wheatgrass that can be juiced, sunflower greens with or without the need for soil, pea shoots to be used as garnishes or in salads, micro herbs to add flavour to your plate and miniature salad leaves. The possibilities are endless. You can even look at using a food dehydrator as well to add some variety to the mix.

How Does it Work? This is a very simple system to use and at the heart of the EasyGreen is to be found some of the most advanced hydroponic technology available today. It is made up of rectangular box which at the front is where the plants are grown and to the rear is a reservoir. Plus it is covered with a clear polycarbonate lid that ensures that light is allowed to reach the plants growing. Also water and any organic nutrients that you add to it will be automatically sprayed into the growing chamber at times you determine using the timer. This ensures that you have complete control over when and how much is provided to the plants growing inside.

There is a wide selection of growing trays to choose from and can be tailored to meet the size of your growing chamber and in turn allowing you to mix and match the crops that you like to grow. In the larger trays you have the opportunity to grow crops in bulk quantities such as wheatgrass, baby salads or sunflower sprouts. Whilst the smaller (junior) trays allow you to grow up to 10 types of crops at any one time.

Simplicity Means Success. Each EasyGreen system comes with a specialist pump that creates an ultra fine mist of water that is oxygenated and provides you with a more optimized and advance growing environment for your crops. As the seeds contained within are watered evenly there is no need to initially pre-soak them and will often grow much more quickly. Also the mist has sufficient amounts of oxygen in it that is beneficial to the growth of the young crops roots. The generator also provides you with complete control over the growing chamber that is ventilated because every time the crops are watered the air is being filtered and cleaned. Plus because these systems contain no water jets or dripper nozzles you want have to spend time dealing with blockages.

What water source you use and whether you add nutrients to it including a Kelp solution to enhance the crops vitality is up to you. You are able to fine tune the water at any time of day or night at 15 minute intervals. After laying the seeds in the tray and filled up the reservoir you just set it up and forget about it, which is advantageous to those who lead busy lives. But you must ensure that the reservoir is topped up and harvest the young crops at the right time to obtain maximum nutrition and flavour from them.

Unlike other types of hydroponic systems the EasyGreen is one where the use of soil or compost in the trays is allowed and so is ideal for long growing crops such as wheatgrass, baby salads or sunflower greens. This system is undoubtedly the best no matter what sorts of sprouts or mini plant you wish to grow in yours and provides you with a regular convenient supply of foods to boost your health. Plus these use very little power and so won't have an adverse affect on the environment and although the cost to purchase is high initially you will soon begin to reap the health benefits from using it.

Each EasyGreen MikroFarm measures 24 x 18 inches and includes 5 long trays. There are other trays available and can be purchased at the time you by the initial system and in the UK it typically costs around 149.00. As well as being very informative the manual offers tips and guides on how to grow various sprouts. The EasyGreen MikroFarm is imported and sold in the UK by UK Juicers Limited who also provides with it a free comprehensive sprouting book which quickly allows you to become an expert on this particular health subject. Plus they also provide a range of good quality organic sprouting seeds to help you get started. - 30818

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Non Meat Protein For Vegetarians

By Wayne Truter

Many vegans quit eating meat, eggs, milk, honey, and yeast for one very specific reason: they have a deep reverence for all living things and subsequently want to prevent all living things from suffering on their behalf.

Consuming animal proteins might yield close to a 1:1 absorption ratio, while consuming plant proteins, such as wheat, might only yield 50% of the amino acids needed to build a "complete protein" or a protein that can readily be assimilated into the human body.

In order for vegetarians to absorb a healthy amount of protein, they must consume a variety of plant proteins to form complete amino chains. By eating vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits, and whole grains, vegetarians can increase the amount of complete proteins they create by combining a number of varieties of amino acid chains.

Vegetarians must also consume more foods that contain proteins because plant proteins are generally harder to digest. While a nutritional label may suggest that pasta has 5 grams of protein per serving; you may only be able to digest 2-3 grams of that protein, which means you must complement the pasta with other sources of protein.

Antioxidants are foods that help prevent cancer by destroying free radicals. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, two strong antioxidants, are commonly found in vegetarian meals.

As a result of this counter-evolutionary trait, the Merino sheep that exists today often has far more wool than it needs, which is evidenced by the high amount of sheep that die of heat exhaustion. In addition to overheating in hot temperatures, many sheep end up freezing to death after they are sheared.

The wool shearing process can also cause quite a bit of suffering for the sheep. Almost a quarter of all wool sheared from sheep is "skin wool," which is so close to the sheep's skin that it is actually must be torn off.

For non-vegan vegetarians, yogurt, milk, and eggs (which contain complete proteins) are all excellent sources of protein.

It means the popular mythology about vegetarian diets is false. Not only can a vegetarian diet be nutritionally sufficient, but it can also affect better skin health, prevent cancer, and increase your heart health. - 30818

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Benefit Vegetarianism

By Agni Apriya

The word " Vegetarian " was coined by the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom in about 1847. The word does not come from vegetable as is generally assumed : It is a derivation of the Latin word 'vegetari ' which means to enliven.

The practice of vegetarianism, however, goes far back in history. Many noted philosophers and religious teachers urged their followers to avoid a flesh diet. Brahminism, Jainism, Zoraostrianism and Buddhism acknowledged the sacredness of life and the need to live without causing suffering ; so did many of the early Christians.

There are various types of vegetarians. " Vagans "are the strictest vegetarians who eat only plant foods and exclude all animal by-products such as eggs, milk, cheese, curd, butter, ghee and even honey. There are "lacto vegetarians" who eat plant foods as well as dairy products and " lacto-avo vegetarians " who eat eggs besides plant foods and dairy products. There are even fish-eating vegetarians. The common factor among them is that they do not eat the flesh of warm- blooded animals.

A vegetarian diet can have many nutritional benefits, if it is rich in fruits and vegetables, and contains moderate amounts of seeds, nuts, whole grains and legumes. One of the main benefits of a proper vegetarian diet is its low caloric content in relation to the bulk supplied, which helps maintain ideal weight.

Another benefit of the vegetarian diet is the much lower intake of fat, if dairy products, seeds and nuts are eaten sparingly. This accounts for lower serium cholesterol levels found in vegetarians, which considerably reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and breast and colon cancer.

A third nutritional advantage of the vegetarian diet is its high fibre content. Fibre, being indigestible, increases the bulk of the faces, keeps them soft and makes them easy to expel. One study has indicated that lacto-avo vegetarians consume twice as much and vagans four times as much fibre as non-vegetarians. High fibre intake has been associated with decreased risks of diseases of the colon, appendicits, cancer of the colon and rectum, hiatus hernia, piles and varicose veins.

Vegetarianism is thus a system based on scientific principles and has proved adequate for the best nutrition free from the poisons and bacteria of diseased animals. It is the best diet for man's optimum, physical, mental and spiritual development. - 30818

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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lunches - Simple Vegetarian Meals

By Laura Cokherell

For a healthy meal choice, vegetarian lunches are not only one of the best choices but one of the easiest meals to make. Because there are so many options from pure, fresh ingredients, quick lunches can be made in no time.

These easy vegetarian recipes require only a few ingredients and minimal preparation for quick meal planning.

A simple meal can be made with plain yogurt (regular or soy) mixed with cut up fresh fruit, like berries, bananas, apples, or peaches, some sweetener like honey or agave syrup, and some chopped nuts, like almonds, walnuts, or pecans. Mix it all together and serve along with some whole grain crackers or some toasted whole grain bread slices.

Serve a quick potato salad made with cubed cooked potatoes mixed with sliced scallions, chopped fresh dill, cut up cooked vegetarian sausage links, and a combination of mustard and Greek style plain yogurt. Serve salad on salad greens with melon slices on the side.

Cooked vegetarian burgers or hotdogs served on whole grain buns with your favorite toppings (mustard, ketchup, sliced pickles, tomato slices, cheese, etc.) and served along with steamed vegetables of choice dressed with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper

You could also take the cooked burger or hotdog and cut it up and place it in a bowl with mixed salad greens, pickle slices, diced tomatoes, and some shredded cheese and toss with Italian dressing and serve along with a cup of soup.

Try this easy tofu spread for lunch. Simply combine drained and mashed soft tofu with some of your favorite chutney, or salsa, or a mustard and mayonnaise combination. Serve this tofu spread on toasted English muffins and top with some flavor accents like capers, chopped walnut pieces, chopped, pitted black olives, or chopped fresh herbs. Add a slice of cheese on top if desired and place in a microwave or toaster oven just until the cheese melts. Serve sandwich with baked potato chips and a piece of fruit.

Make a quick bean salad with canned black beans (rinsed and drained), chopped walnuts, chopped tomatoes, corn kernels, chopped fresh cilantro, and some rice vinegar. Toss all ingredients together and serve with warm rolls and whipped cream cheese spread.

A sandwich always makes a quick lunch meal. Use some cheese slices on whole grain bread and top with thinly sliced tomatoes, sprouts, fresh basil leaves, and thin slices of avocado. Serve a bowl of vegetable soup and baked sweet potato chips on the side.

Take two slices of crusty bread, toast, and spread one side of one slice with mustard and the other slice with some basil pesto. Layer the mustard side with thinly sliced baked tofu and top with some marinated artichoke hearts (drained) and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Place the sandwich under a broiler or into a microwave or toaster oven just until the cheese melts and then top the sandwich with the other slice of bread. Serve sandwich with celery and carrot sticks and baked potato chips. - 30818

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Are All Vegetarians Vegans?

By Nick Trutickoff

Starting with the moment when the very popular Elsie and Donald utilized the term "vegan" to describe the strict vegetarians, the life style and the diet were actually misunderstood. Many vegetarians also refused to associate themselves with this radical movement. The practice of veganism started a health crazed and clubby reputation. Their diet eventually became truly admired and popular with the countercultural movements, specially of the hippies, but it still sustained its individuality. These days, a large number of vegans try to escape the self righteous identity and even promote the cause of veganism as a fashionable and fun style of living.

The very famous vegan way of living is now changing from being the one that was associated with self sacrifice to being linked with meticulous fun. The people who are looking forward to be vegans must not just get attracted to the ethical benefits offered by veganism, but instead attempt doing some deeper research on it and gain robust reasons of why to follow this practice. The vegan diet is habitually a quite complex one that requires some advanced advice to understand and settle on.

The people who are planning to turn in to vegans not just lay emphasis on the health benefits related with the cause. Their main aim is to enjoy and lead a life that is purely cruelty free. The vegans as well believe in the fact that lower consumption or no consumption of animal goods will assist into more use of the plant foods by humans than the livestock, thereby helping solving the world hunger.

Vegans restrain from utilizing the animal products like dyes, glues, silk, leather, cosmetics, chemicals and wool. Trading the silk and wool clothing together with leather footwear for hemp and Payless kicks used to be the greatest sacrifice by vegans. Now the vegan cloth designers offer the new aesthetic which is made particularly cruelty free and in a trendy style. Stella McCartney, the grand fashion designer utilizes the imitation leather together with natural fibers to introduce her clothes.

Indeed, there are two reasons because of which people often lead a vegan style of living. These two reasons are the cause there are different types of vegans having distinct objectives and completely distinct lives.

The primary reason to have a vegan life-style is because of ethical factors that assist a person to serve the world as a vegan. Enjoying an amazing vegan life helps reducing the demand of various animal based products like leather, eggs and meat. Even the manufacturers producing these animal based items often feel guilty of their act but are then overpowered by the necessity to attain a living.

Some cruel acts that are practiced by a few non vegan people include having dirty and very small cages for the animals. There are times likewise when loads of animals like pigs and cows are shut in a single cage and that too with filthy living conditions, resulting in various health issues suffered by these animals and in the end leading to their untimely deaths.

Another rationality why various vegans pick to have their own life-style is for health advantages that the vegan diet can convey. The vegan life-style is much more useful for one's body as compared to the non vegan one. Eating habits of various vegans are literally centered on consumption of the foods items that are calorie free and wealthy in nutrients and vitamins. The vegan life-style can literally assist any person remain fit, well nourished and trim.

The proteins that are found in cheese, meat and other foods can likewise be included in the vegan life-style through intake of the protein wealthy items like legumes and tofu. Even the Omega 3 fatty acids in fish can be used in the vegan lifestyle because these fatty acids occur in the flax seed naturally. The typical vegan diet is generally more nutritionally affluent than the diet which revolves around intake of the fatty cheese and meats.

To conclude, veganism serves to be the life style which is introduced to pay due respect to all living things of this globe. These vegans attempt respecting the animals together with the human beings. They do not believe in using animal bodies for fulfilling their own needs. This further means that they are against of using any kind of animal fur, fiber, eggs, honey, flesh, cocoons, milk, feathers or wax. Vegans even don't use the animals for maintaining any research work. They, in turn, try the best of their capabilities to have fruitful connection with the animal race. - 30818

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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lunches - Simple Vegetarian Meals

By Laura Cokherell

Vegetarian meals make for quick lunches and are a great healthy option for anyone's diet. Using fresh and natural ingredients, you can put together vegetarian lunches simply and easily. There are so many food options that you will never be bored with lunch. Here are some very easy and flavorful vegetarian lunches and recipes that come together quickly for a healthy lunch anytime.

These easy vegetarian recipes require only a few ingredients and minimal preparation for quick meal planning.

A simple meal can be made with plain yogurt (regular or soy) mixed with cut up fresh fruit, like berries, bananas, apples, or peaches, some sweetener like honey or agave syrup, and some chopped nuts, like almonds, walnuts, or pecans. Mix it all together and serve along with some whole grain crackers or some toasted whole grain bread slices.

Make a simple vegetable salad with steamed edamame beans, jicama cubes, chopped red bell peppers, and pitted black olives tossed in a store-bought olive oil vinaigrette. Serve this salad along with a bowl of cooked rice tossed with some soy sauce and lemon juice.

A cooked vegetarian burger or hotdog makes a quick meal and can be served on a whole grain bun with a selection of toppings (mustard, ketchup, tomato slices, pickle slices, cheese, etc.) along with a simple side dish of steamed vegetables dressed with some salt and pepper, olive oil, and vinegar.

For a quick salad meal, try cutting up the cooked vegetarian burger or hotdog into pieces and add to some mixed salad greens, pickle slices, diced tomatoes, and some shredded cheese (cheddar or Swiss are good choices) and toss with Italian dressing and serve with a cup of soup on the side.

For a quick lunch, try a wrap sandwich made with a simple bean spread of canned chickpeas (rinsed, drained, and mashed) combined with some cumin, shredded carrots, diced red onion, and low-fat sour cream. Spoon the bean mixture into a soft tortilla shell and add some flavorful toppings like radish sprouts and chopped, pitted green olives. Serve this easy wrap sandwich with some baked pita chips.

Black bean salad made with canned (rinsed and drained) black beans, chopped tomatoes, chopped walnuts, corn kernels, chopped fresh cilantro and rice vinegar served with warm rolls and whipped cream cheese spread

Thinly slice some button mushrooms and toss with a little low-sodium soy sauce, lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. Allow to marinate for 10 minutes or so. Take a soft tortilla shell and spread with some whipped cream cheese spread or hummus, top with the mushroom mixture (allow the excess liquid to drain off before putting in the tortilla shell), a sprinkling of vegetarian bacon bits, fresh sprouts, and thin slices of avocado. Fold up the bottom of the tortilla and then fold in the sides to close and serve this easy wrap sandwich with a side of frozen and thawed mixed vegetables dressed with your choice of dressing.

Take two slices of crusty bread, toast, and spread one side of one slice with mustard and the other slice with some basil pesto. Layer the mustard side with thinly sliced baked tofu and top with some marinated artichoke hearts (drained) and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Place the sandwich under a broiler or into a microwave or toaster oven just until the cheese melts and then top the sandwich with the other slice of bread. Serve sandwich with celery and carrot sticks and baked potato chips. - 30818

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Vegan Diet Plan

By Janine Rose Morley

Restaurants " Indulge yourself to a night out. Ethnic venues, in particular Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Mexican, are more often than not a good choice, as they offer a huge range of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Fast food " Grab a hasty bite on the move. As a rule these chains offer a vegetarian dish. Select from: Tacos, veggie burgers, baked potatoes, pasta, falafel, salads and more. Vegans can order pizza devoid of the cheese but loaded with vegetable toppings, like peppers, mushrooms, olives and artichokes.

Supermarket stores and natural health food shops ordinarily carry quick vegetarian food dishes. Select from: Savoury pies, seasoned tofu, veggie burgers, chili, a wide variety of soups, and more.

Veggie convenience products Create a meal consisting of any of the following items. You can add your own veggies, rice, noodles, cooked grain, wraps, or breads.

Mock meats, nondairy cheeses and milks, and other vegetarian foods are retailed in nearly all major supermarkets these days, and health food provisions offer even more.

Tofu " a pre-cooked soy produce that is terrific for picking up flavours from the veggies and seasonings that you cook it with. The firm way is superlative, marinated, baked, or stir-fried. Soft tofu can be blended to produce creamy dressings, puddings, dips, and smoothies.

Tempeh " a cultured complete soy produce accessible at natural food supplies. Fry till golden and crispy, then add to a dish or dish up on the side with Dijon mustard.

Seitan " a fibrous meat-like produce made from wheat gluten. On hand at natural food stores.Canned items " chickpeas, lentils, white beans, refried beans, hearty soups, etc.Adjust the meals you presently formulate Breakfast and lunch are straightforward.

Adjust the meals you presently churn out.. Breakfast and lunch are easy. Try muffins with fruit spread, toast, or cereal for breakfasts. Make sandwiches with spreads like hummus, veggie pate, black bean dip, nut butters, or white beans with lemon and garlic. Pasta, rice or potato salads, and even dinner snippets make fantastic lunches.

Combined with light excersises, These meals are a great fast track to healthy weight loss as well. Ahh, The Benefits. - 30818

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