Why Practice Gay Naked Yoga?

By Howie Holben

Naked yoga has its benefits for anyone willing to give it a try. If you're wondering just what gay naked yoga is, then the name is self-explanatory. Yoga without clothes on. That's right, you practice yoga techniques in the buff. This breaks with normal traditions and has a liberating factor that many find very appealing. It's a way of freeing inhibitions and letting go.

What this type of yoga does, is to push you a bit beyond your normal range of comfort. When you first think about it, it might sound a little unappealing. But once you're engaged in it, many people begin to realize some very good results. It's not just another way to sexually exploit a good system, as some may think. It really does have its benefits.

The goal is to attain a freedom that you've never experienced before. By feeling free with your body, overcoming any inhibitions you may have about imperfections, you can free your mind and experience things in a whole new light. If you begin this practice with any self-consciousness, then it will help you to eliminate that, and to come to a different level of body consciousness.

The bottom line with this form of yoga, is that, even though it's practiced in the nude, it's still basically yoga. It's a form of self-appreciation and discovery. It's a way to tune in to the universe in body, mind, and spirit. Society still doesn't accept nudity per say, so you wouldn't think many would take to this form of yoga. But you'd be surprised at how fast this is catching on. And in a positive light.

People have been practicing yoga for centuries. There has always been a passion for people to connect with themselves and find harmony and peace. The art of yoga is very easy to learn, and can produce a lot of good benefits if practiced consistently. It can be done alone or with a group, adding yet another freedom to enjoy.

There are a lot of benefits to yoga. Peace, tranquility, and a sense of one-ness with the universe. And some real benefits occur in the body. It aids the body in getting rid of toxins. It can improve your lung capacity and help with blood circulation. It aids in the body's digestive process. There is much to be said for this practice, whether done in the nude or not. The nudity is part of the freeing process taken a step deeper.

Another term you hear when speaking of naked yoga is 'naturism'. Naturism is a movement that is both political and cultural that takes up the cause of nudity, both in private and in public. It's much like the old nude beach causes fought over in years past. It teaches you to appreciate the body, and to see it in a better and different light. To realize the beauty of the body, and of being free to express yourself in it.

Naked yoga has its benefits and is catching on fast. Some of these classes can be found with mixed male and female. But for the most part, they have been taken up by men. This old and widely used practice has taken on a new life as more and more people are discovering its benefits. Naked yoga is a very liberating and fulfilling experience. You can find more information online. If you're new, there are instructions for learning. If you want to join a group or class, you can do that too. - 30818

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