The 7 Steps To Becoming A Vegetarian

By Jamie Rivera

If you reading this, then chances are, you're a meat eater who wants to go veg. Good for you! Vegetarianism is a very healthy change for your life. You might be exited and ready to get started, but are most likely faced with a very important question - how do I become a vegetarian. Now, while the simple answer is stop eating meat, we all know it's never easy to change years of dietary practice in one go. So here's 7 steps to easy the change.

1. Have a big enough why, and you can conquer any how. Start by answering a simple question: why do I want to become a vegetarian? Becoming a vegetarian is a paradigm change in how you'll live your life, so you will need a strong driving force behind it.

2. Learn about it. Start reading about vegetarianism, watch videos, talk to other vegetarians. Basically get grasp of what it is and what it's not. This is also a good time to start searching for vegetarian recipes that you might find delicious.

3. Slow and steady wins the race. A change in diet is nothing more than a change in habit. Don't go trying to eliminate all meat from your diet starting tomorrow if you know you either 1) can't do it or 2) can't maintain it. But if you know you can go cold shoulder, then go for it. I know I did.

4. Substitution. Going back to step 3, start switching meat based meals with vegetarian meals. You can do this by eating a veggie burger instead of a Big Mac or replacing bacon and eggs with cereal. Substitute meals you feel comfortable substituting first.

5. Meat abstention day. Choose any day of the week and commit to eating vegetarian meals only. This will get you comfortable with the idea eating vegetarian. As you get comfortable, start expanding those meatless days until you're doing the entire week.

6. Friends. Surround yourself with vegetarians. The company you keep has a great influence on what you do. Vegetarians are, for the most part, very friendly and nice. More importantly, their presence will keep on the track to becoming a vegetarian. - 30818

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